I love cell phones and want to test your new smartphone!

Chris Brooker
June 4, 2009


Hi manufacturers of smartphones, Rim, Apple, Palm, Google, (sorta) Nokia. I’m a huge lover of cell phones and have been through more than my fair share in the quest for the perfect phone. Which inevitably leads me to making a list of all the things I would really like to have in a smart phone and I’m always left staring at an impossible list.

Quick sample of my list;

  • Powerful CPU (Atom or better equivalent performance)
  • Full featured OS. (Multitasking, Full browsing with flash at minimum, ability to install any apps I want without an approval process or having to hack the device, push email is a full featured email client.)
  • OS must remain quick and responsive at all times.
  • Ability to plug in USB devices like videos camera, cameras and external HDs.
  • Non-crippled Bluetooth. Support all Bluetooth profiles.
  • Excellent 10MP AF camera with 720p video recording with a Flash. Support for Bluetooth mics.
  • GPS, Accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, etc (the usual)
  • Large vibrant capacitive touchscreen with a Transflective TFT LCD and e-ink display 4″- 6″? Pocketable.
  • Ability to playback 1080p h.264 video on screen and via Wireless HDMI as well as gfx accelerated flash.
  • Ability to play 3d games and run gfx accelerated applications. (perhaps the entire UI)
  • 2 full days of battery life with actual use.
  • Integration to major social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Unified messaging framework for SMS, IM, email (Maybe Google Wave can help)

Essentially a full PC designed for a touchscreen with an all day battery that will fit in my pocket.

So ya, an impossible list. I’m tired of carrying around so many devices and all the devices I carry around are small.

  • 11″ Tablet-PC (for computing)
  • Ultra compact HD camcorder
  • iPhone
  • all the chargers and cables (the most weight, just so I can use these things for more than an hour)

I just want to carry 1 device that does it all.

What I’m really asking, to anyone out there listening, is can I please test your new smartphone? I’ve used them all Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias,  WinMo, etc. I’ve played with the Google G2 (HTC Magic). I’d love to try the Palm Pre if it were in Canada and on a GSM network.

Let me test your smartphone.

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