Rogers – Who has the Touch Contest Entry

Chris Brooker
March 8, 2010

Rogers Canada is having this contest called “Who has the Touch” where 2 people are given an assignment and 48 hours to compete to see who comes up with the best videos. The winner takes home $5000. I figured, hey! I have those skills, so I put in an entry.

The entry video has to be under 1 minute and describe your Coolest idea. Here’s my entry:


Let’s hope I make the top 10.


  • 18 years +
  • energetic, funny, with a touch of insanity
  • out of the box thinker
  • have access to a video camera
  • have the means an ability to edit your videos
  • have a competitive spirit that would impress a 60-year-old wrestling coach
  • understand proper conduct – no nudity, swearing, trashing, illegal activity, arrests, or socks with sandals

If so, don’t miss your chance at fame and fortune. There are only 3 steps to making it the real deal:
From March 22nd until April 30th, each week for 5 weeks, you’ll provide the video camera and editing skills. We’ll give you a Rogers Touchphone, $50 and 48 hours to create a 2-minute video based on a fun task chosen by our online voters. Shoot it, edit it, then upload it to Facebook and see how many voters think you have the touch. The coolest part – even the loser WINS CASH.

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